Fontaine d'amour cattery

We are a small family cattery, and we raise chinchilla persian cats. At the top we didn’t even plan to have this activity, we just have the love of animals and in particular cats. Then we were not able to resist to buy our first Persian kitten with their beautiful round face, then when they became adults we let our first male cover, because we did not want to castrate him.

Now our cats grow and we would like so much that the other people know the happiness to have a Persian cat at the house. Then we decided to make a reach do from time to time for our persians females, but not too often, because we are not a pet shop and our cats are not businesses.

We want to remain private individuals to them with their cats on the knees and in ours home. Virginie and Stéphane wish you a good visit of the website!!!


- 18/05/2008 :

Sir Maranell'o on VOGUE

- 15/01/2007 :

Sir maranell'o on a paper

- 5/02/2006 :

Anthony show