Sir Maranell'o on VOGUE le 18/05/2008

Our persian cat Sir Maranell'o on one’s hands of Claudia SCHIFFER (by Mario Testino)

Sir maranell'o on a paper le 15/01/2007

Sir Maranell'o was appeared for a publicity on the "WAD" french magazine.

Anthony show le 5/02/2006

Sir Marenell'o become our first champion, indeed it obtained its 3rd CAC.

And win a best variety.

Baltard Show le 23/01/2006

We were present at the Baltard show 2 days.
Maranell'o a get 2 CAC and 2 Excelent 1, then Angel Eyes get 2 Excelent 1.

Maranell'o with russion judge (Irena Sadinucova)

Orléans Show le 30/10/2005

We were present at the Orléans show 2 days.


Sir Marannell'o : Ex1, 2 best variety, 2 Best In Show nomination and get one TICA final (2nd persian and 7st all breed)


Angel Eyes : Ex1, 1 Best Variety

sir Maranell'o podium


résultat complet de l'exposition


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